Welcome to Edmonton Anarchist Black Cross

We recognize the prison system as an oppressive and inhumane tool of the state that exists not to cure social ills, but to reinforce class and race privilege. To further human freedom, this institution must be dismantled.

To this end, we must first defend all our existing legal rights and freedoms against the constant onslaught of repressive actions by the ruling elites. Additionally, we must continue to support prisoners and those affected by the judicial system, morally, financially and legally. We will also continue to challenge the prison/industrial complex through campaign and educational work.

Organizationally, we are non-hierarchical and consensus-based. We accept members from all walks of life and lifestyle. We will work cooperatively with other groups, but we refuse to sacrifice our autonomy either as a group or as individuals.

Please contact us at:
edmontonabc@riseup.net or
Edmonton Anarchist Black Cross
P.O. BOX 1091
Edmonton, AB T5J 2M1